Wednesday, April 17, 2013

About Moonlight Acres

Moonlight Acres if the name of my home. When I moved into my home there was a gentleman who lived here for most of his 94 years. There was an auction of most of his things. Some of the stray things that didn't sell we told the auctioneer to leave in the house and we would take care of getting rid of them. In a couple of books there were return address labels in case the books were lost. On those labels below his name was "Moonlight Acres."  We fell in love with the name.

In the next few years we would like to start selling produce at the local farmers markets. Now that I have a little extra space I would to finally produce bath and body products on a large scale and not small quantities like in the past. Anything related to these endeavors will be a part of the Moonlight Acres label.


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