Sunday, August 4, 2013

Great Things Your Kitchen Needs

We have all seen the pictures of sealing chocolate chips with cut up pop bottle tops and putting nail polish on button threads so they don't wear out floating around Facebook and Pinterest but seriously all, who has chocolate chips left over? LOL. Over the past few weeks I have come across a bunch of really cool ideas for the kitchen I've wanted to share.

Over at Then She Made is how to make a can holder out of a pop can carton. I stock up on veggies and soups so this is an awesome idea. My can shelves are full of cans teetering on edge because not all companies want to give in and make nesting bottoms and tops so they sit secure. This would save a lot of sore toes.

Oh the times I have frantically searched through drawers and cupboards looking for measuring cups and spoons. This is such a great idea for an active cook. Over at Infarrantly Creative they not only have instructions on how they made this but also links to their friends site so you can buy the vinyl decals for the conversion chart and size labels.

Speaking of cabinet doors, forget about spending crazy amounts on buying new door pulls. Look at these amazing ones made out of spoons. Head over to Thistlewood Farms for all the details.

This one was from Craftser. Personally I never use these hangers for pants and skirts. My bottoms always go in drawers or looped through normal hangers. I like having something to do with these instead of just pitching them.

This grocery list board is so freakin cute!! I could definitely see our family using this as a catch all for notes. You can get more info over at The Suels.


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